You have unprecedented convenience.

Life has changed. Before the pandemic, many of us would never have thought of meeting for therapy virtually, but now, many people actually prefer this option.

Teletherapy allows you the flexibility of having your session despite almost any adverse circumstance – from the most comfortable and convenient location!

Cozy on your couch, gazing out at the ocean, in a quiet park… your options are endless.

No longer burdened by worry about traffic, commute time, directions, and parking, you’re free. It’s easier to find time for therapy – without all that unnecessary stress.

You have options.

Throw out the map! Ignore your GPS. Your network has expanded! Now, you can focus on finding the therapist who best fits your specific needs – rather than limiting your search to whoever has an office within 15 miles of your home.

And you have options for each specific session. You can meet with your therapist by secure video chat or phone call. For the most “in-person” experience, we recommend using a laptop or tablet, but don’t worry if that’s not feasible. Your phone will work just fine.

Whichever you choose, you’ll receive a link for your secure session. One click of a button and voilà!, you’re connected.

You experience healing.

Research has shown that teletherapy is a highly effective medium.

We’ve personally witnessed our clients make just as much progress virtually as they did in person. The personal connection is still completely present. The conversation flows just as easily, if not more because people are more relaxed in their choice of setting than in an unfamiliar office.

And, if we’re lucky, your pet may also decide to pop into our session. That is secretly our favorite part of teletherapy – and it can be an excellent source of added comfort for you.

You can have it all.

You can get the help you need without adding additional hassle to your lifestyle.

You’re only one click of a button away from meeting your needs, getting more out of life, and becoming the best version of yourself.