Clinical Supervision for Therapists

You’re starting a new chapter….

Whether you just graduated or are part way through your licensing journey and looking for a change, finding a clinical supervisor is an important process.

This experience is a huge part of molding your evolution as a professional.

It’s time to create your professional identity.

An effective supervisory relationship allows you to grow and learn professionally in a safe and supportive environment.

Together, we’ll explore and reflect on how your experiences impact and enhance your work with clients.

We’ll focus on what is going well in your work with clients, and I’ll provide continuous constructive feedback.

It’s time to learn new skills.

Undoubtedly, you’ve gained a wealth of knowledge in your master’s degree program, but your academic program can take you only so far. Even the best programs cannot cover every clinical aspect – something inevitably gets overlooked.

I provide you with “mini trainings” that address important topics you didn’t cover as part of your formal education.

You’ll emerge with a strong, comprehensive intake process, skills in using SMART goals to develop treatment plans for your clients, awareness and savvy in dealing with the many ethical/legal issues related to our profession, and more.

It’s time to find support.

Preparing for your licensing exam and submitting your licensing application inevitably leads to a variety of questions, some of which you can’t even fathom until you’re well into the process.

You can benefit tremendously from a well-versed mentor by your side every step along the way.

Nervous about the exam? We’ll explore the roots of your anxiety, and I’ll teach you techniques that will enable you to approach it with a confident and calm mindset.

Let’s shape your narrative into a masterpiece.

Let me partner with you in this process.

Reach out to Kelsey today at to discuss your goals and needs!

Together, we’ll set the scene for the fulfilling and successful career of your dreams.