Financial Social Work

Here you are – again.

Lying awake – worried about your finances – overwhelmed by a sense of dread every time you swipe your card.

How do you keep ending up here?

Staring up from the bottom of the latest financial hole, your stomach churns as you try desperately to find a way out of this mess.

As everything slowly begins to close around you, you suffer in shame, fear, and silence. How can you ever tell your loved ones about this?

You’ve never felt so scared – so utterly alone.

You’ve tried before.

Created budgets.

Made promises to yourself about spending.

Yet, you keep finding yourself here. Over and over.

It almost feels impossible at this point.

You know you have to do something. But what?

You need a partner.

Someone who can help you get on track and feel in control again.

Financial social work goes beyond those things that you’ve tried in the past. With me, you have a partner who will help you explore your financial patterns and help you end the negative cycle once and for all.

Together, we’ll dive into your views on money and how it has impacted your life experiences.

You’ll develop a healthier relationship with money and create a financial system and goals that give you the confidence you need to deal with life – on your terms.

Put yourself in the driver’s seat!

Sound like exactly what you need? Let’s talk!

Whether you and I work together one-on-one or you make your journey as a member of one of my groups, you can hit the road to a healthy relationship with money – one in which you’re in control!

Put your money back in your wallet and the bank – where it belongs – and start living the life of your dreams.