Couples Therapy

No more togetherness in this relationship.

There is an uncomfortable tension between the two of you.

You find yourselves snapping at each other – with a frequent bubble of resentment under the surface.

Maybe you don’t even know what is causing it exactly, or maybe you can list a thousand reasons.

Whatever the issue, you know something needs to change. But you wonder, “How do we even start to come together again?”

Relationships are not easy.

Having a good relationship takes hard work and commitment.

Even the most solid couples go through challenging seasons.

Life gets in the way, and you stop making the time for each other.

Everything is a mad rush – between work and other life commitments, you forget to stop and enjoy those small moments together.

Grow together – Not apart

You want to be happy again. But you question if it is even possible.

You think back to the beginning of your relationship – and the spark and excitement that were there.

Relationships grow and change, but that doesn’t mean you must settle for boredom and tension.

Together, you can rebuild the pieces of your relationship that feel lost and gain a new appreciation for one another.

Identify the problem keeping you apart.

As couples therapists, our goal is to create a neutral space where you can come together and truly identify the core reason for the change in your relationship and maybe even in each of you.

Rather than rehashing the same arguments week after week, we will take a deep dive into the patterns you find yourselves in and identify strategies that you can start using NOW to improve your communication and connection.

While it isn’t always easy, the journey to reconnecting with your partner is worth it!

Are you ready to start feeling fulfilled in your relationship again?